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March 24, 2017

[the kind that will make your heart happy.]




I hear it pretty well every time before a engagement or couples session.. "You're going to have to bear with us - we're so awkward in front of the camera!"


Don't worry, I get it  - who would actually feel 100% comfortable cozy-ing up to someone else while having their picture taken?

Not me, that's for sure.


But that's why I'm here! It's literally my job - to make it easy, straightforward and...fun. [for real!]


It's also my job to make sure your photos are a reflection of who you are. 



So below are my *top 3 tips* for getting the photos you want!

This doesn't just apply to couples sessions..so read on...


Are you ready?



1. Location is key.


You can pick anywhere you want to have photos taken [Ok, maybe not absolutely anywhere - your local town hall is excluded.] ..so why not chose a location that means something to you?


Maybe it's the spot you two met, where you like to spend time together, or somewhere that you've always dreamed of having photos taken. If the location is near and dear to your heart - you'll be far more relaxed and comfortable in that setting. 


Also keep in mind what will be happening at that location during the time of day you plan to have a photo session. Will there be traffic? Lots of people?  Distractions?


As your photographer - I'm up for adventure! New location ideas are always welcomed.



2. Light is [also] key.


I've said it before and I'll say it again - light is so important. It can literally make or break a photo.


I've found that the best time of day is an hour before sunset. Doesn't hurt to check what time the sun goes down and plan your photo session just before this - the colours and entire feel of the shoot will be much better!


Plus...who doesn't love that golden time of day? Seriously the best. 




3. Ignore Me! [ok, not totally.]


Focus on each other. Enough said. 


Yes, I'll probably be jumping around, getting that 'money shot', and you'll be like "What is she doing?"

And I may give direction once in a while like, "Hey, how about standing here? Or doing this?" 


But if you can focus on each other... the emotions will be more real, less forced, and more relaxed. And I'll just be there to document it all! 



Happy weekend, friends. 




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