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November 22, 2017

Every time I think about these two together - I smile.  Not even sure if I've stopped grinning since the phone call this summer when they told me they would need a photographer for an October wedding at the farm. There is nothing quite like seeing your friends really, truly happy... and no doubt this is the case for Hugh + Raylene!


It was juuuust warm enough to have the ceremony outside, and one of my favourite moments was watching Oliver walk his mom down the aisle. Even though it was cold, everyone was such troopers during pictures (between being wrapped up in blankets!) and you can hardly tell from the non - stop smiles! 


My heart may have skipped a beat when I saw the sweet old truck that would take Raylene and the girls to the ceremony. What a beauty! ...And to be able to use it for some pictures after too? Seriously the best. 


I still can't believe I was lucky enough to be there for this happy, happy day.  


Ready to see some favourites?


Once the hair was done, we went to put the finishing touches on the reception...where a surprise donut bouquet arrived...

During lunch, Raylene said a few times "I just want it to be 2 o'clock already!"

Sweet little Oliver walked his mom down the aisle. 

Oh I just love these smiles!

Hugh + Raylene even took me up to where Hugh proposed... 

 See the Snapchat? Taken just before Hugh asked Raylene to marry him. 


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