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January 14, 2019

I was going to play it cool and be all like "yeah so you'll get your photos back in a few weeks, etc etc" but the truth is that after we finished shooting yesterday, I went home and then straight to the coffee shop to sort and edit, and finished them up just before they closed the doors for the night.


Yep, these two are THAT cute. 


And you might not be able to tell - but we were out in the coldest wind and they made it look like no big deal!! How is it even fair that I got to wear 17 layers while they froze? And still looked amazing??


Here's the newly engaged pair... so pumped for their wedding in June!


 Brody takes the 'sling shot walk' very seriously.....

Brooklyn's big grins are actually contagious, true story. 

Whatever it takes to get to the perfect location, ya know?? 


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