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May 11, 2019

I don't even know where to start with describing the whole feeling and atmosphere of Daryll + Jenessa's wedding day. And I also don't even know HOW I'm going to narrow down the photos to make this post an acceptable length.


So - here's the story of the day, told in photos. Because I believe that wedding photos should tell a story, including even the little details that seem insignificant because they are what makes the story complete. 


To sum it up:


I was lucky enough to join Daryll, Jenessa and their families in BC for a weekend in January. Everyone stayed in cabins on the edge of a lake. There was homemade food, lots of time spent outside, and of course the most sweet, intimate wedding ceremony in front of the fireplace. The two families had never met before that weekend, but you would have no idea - everyone felt like family and like they had known each other for years. 


When I asked Jenessa what she wanted to remember from their wedding day, she said:


"The atmosphere/feel/casualness. That we actually liked each other. The location."


I hope these photos capture all of those things.


Rebecca shared an interview they had done with Jenessa on a road trip 5 years ago, when they asked her questions about where she would be in 5 years - what she liked, disliked, and what kind of guy she'd end up with.....

Here's the plane ticket from the very first time Jenessa flew up to see what this 'Daryll' guy was all about.

Daryll's sister Emily did the most unreal job of Jenessa's hair. Seriously perfect. 

Daryll's finger was swollen so a bag of frozen corn before walking down the aisle was used in hopes that his ring would fit.....

I just love Daryll's dad's grin when Daryll walked in with his bride-to-be. 

Family photo time!


We did them right outside of the main cabin, on the frozen lake.  (Tbh my favourite family photos ever.)


How lucky are we that this lake had open water, the cabin we stayed at had a little red boat, and we met the sweetest couple that gave us a tour of their home and let us use their property and dock for photos?!


Very lucky. 

So many messages were sent (and shared) from everyone who wanted to wish the happy couple all the best...

...and they got some good reactions. 

A slideshow full of awesome photos of these two, and then Jenessa played the guitar and sang for her new husband. 

I think he liked it. 

Hugs goodbye - and they were off!




Cabins: Rainbow Trout Resort 

Dress: Justin Alexander

Florals: Arranged by the bride



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